Outside and in

24 Dec


You usually do not hear much from me this time of the year though tonight I will show you some of the fun I’m having during a very snowy December here in Moncton N.B. Since we have ample material to work with I decided to shovel up a small snow gazebo today. It’s about 4 feet high at this time and I’ll go up another foot and then close it in tomorrow.


A couple lawn chairs and this should be a nice spot for a few cups of herb tea over the next few months.


Now a couple strides into the house and here is one of the plants I’m interested in watching develop from seed.


Water parsnip (Sium suave) which isn’t a commonly gathered wild food in the last few centuries as it resembles 2 of our most poisonous plants which also grow in the same swampy areas of North America.


Here is one I have growing in the basement, I notice the stems of this plant has a very unusual contact dermatitis with my skin which feels almost like deep paper cuts which fade and reappear for a few hours. I can’t find any info on this being something commonly noticed about this plant, but this is enough of an experience for me not to try eating this plants leaves which are supposedly edible during the early spring. The part of Sium suave known to be most popular with folks hundreds of years ago are the numerous white thickened roots directly at the base of the plant which are rumored to taste a bit like carrots. As mentioned earlier this plant has some dangerous look-alikes so it is important to know a plant like this in all stages of development before ever attempting to eat it. ciao


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