When it rains it (pores boletes)

7 Aug


Rainy evening mushrooms, loads of varieties.


Lots of Boletes to feature, not a very good photo of Suillus granulatus, but you must admit the golden worm looks kind of cute sticking out of the stem.


This cap looked double the size of all the other large Boletus subglabripes this night. hum


I don’t see this to often, this Boletus subglabripes has one stem which splits and rejoins somehow to form one cap, that’s a good one nature.


Chrome-footed bolete, (Harrya chromapes)


This bolete here has been puzzling me for the last few years, it is very similar to the King Bolete yet it definitely isn’t it.


Gotta send this one to be identified. I have a list of 3 or 4 members of the boletus family it could be, time will tell.


Next evening the sun is shining and lots of fresh mushrooms still popping from the previous night’s rain and again more mysteries. I known quite a few types of wild mushrooms yet for every one I known there is a dozen or more I do not know. Another one to send in for identification, looks a bit like a Bay bolete yet I’m leaning towards a few other mushrooms, possibly a (Xanthoconium affine) though there are other possibilities?


Here’s the King Bolete (Boletus edulis), you see hardwood tree leaves on the ground though there is a small group of spruce here which the King tends to favour growing under.


As you can see the Chanterelle family and Russulas are holding their own in the basket as well, my food dryer has been busy the last few days in preparation for a few months of hopefully snow covered winter. ciao


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