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The Tide says hi

21 Jul


Mostly I seem to arrive here on the salt marsh during low tide when lots of marsh mud is in view, but today it is truly full.


Low tide view.


Again my 2 crow friends flew over to visit as I noticed a nice close shadow and raised up to watch them circle around me while I was gathering some Sow-thistle leaves. No photo of them as they seem to prefer it this way, though I will show the fresh Sow-thistle leaves which were very tender for late July.


Back on the ridge above the marsh a few berries are ripe. Here on hand we have Blue, Amelanchier and Northern fly-honeysuckle berries.


Raspberries to. ciao


Beach woods gathering, wild raspberries

31 Jul

I found this bountiful wild raspberry patch recently and gathered up a few.

The flavor of these berries raw or prepared into a juice is extremely tasty.

Here we have a photo of a small bowl of raspberry juice with some honey added and also some wild raspberry & yogurt Popsicle which have become a very popular refreshment around here. The berry juice added to herb tea is pleasant as well and at this moment I’m enjoying an iced Chaga & raspberry tea.

Here is one more local Maritime refreshment though the water is pretty warm at often between 70 to 75 degrees from mid July to mid August, it is within a half hour from our place so often we drop by for a swim, the sand bars continue for long distances so it’s a good walk through the water to reach a spot deep enough to swim. It is crowded if you’re a sunbather, but in the water you’ll have plenty of room. ciao