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Unkept Yard Juice

19 May

DSC06690 Time to gather a few weeds and garden escapees growing near my shed. Starting at (1) o’clock and continuing spinning clockwise we have (1) wild prickly lettuce (2) plantain (3) wild mint (4) caraway (5) stinging nettle (6) evening primrose (7) burdock (8) dandelion (9) ground-ivy (10) sheep sorrel (11) sweet cicely (12) yellow goatsbeard.  These spring greens placed in a blender with some water made a wildly powerful dark green drink. DSC06692   Another much simpler tasty drink I’ve been enjoying lately is to mix 4 ozs of orange juice and 3 spring sprigs of raw stinging nettle, blitz well in a blender and there you have it, a nice foamy drink . All solid traces of the nettles disappear in the blender along with the plants stinging ability. DSC06694 I don’t know if I’m being influenced by the color of the drink or not as this stinging nettle and orange combination seems to have a tangy lime flavour. cheers