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Hello Crow

16 Apr

I must admit that over the years I’ve had numerous conversations with crows in fact our neighborhood crow came to me last summer very distraught over some deeply emotion event that  needed to be shared with someone, she spoke for a few moments then flew away feeling still upset. The crow who lives near us is a little shy normally and waits at a distant when we feed the others birds and I throw a few treats over the mallards and rock doves to make sure he gets at least some of the goodies.

The crow in the photos today is the first to ever speak to me in my own language.

We travelled on Sunday to Prince Edward Island to pick up a puppy and were waiting for the folks to deliver the little fella at the Cows ice-cream factory in North River just outside Charlottetown, which is the small city capital of PEI.

As we ate a snack this crow came around and when she raised her neck and pointed her head and beak towards the ground she would very clearly and quite loudly say hello.

So he or she entertained by repeating (hello) probably 50 times during our 10 to 15 minute meeting before he or she flew off with a full belly.

Tonight I googled to see if folks from the Charlottetown area were familiar with this crow and sure enough she is a bit of a celebrity over there, with a youtube video and a newspaper article from 2009 where in one neighborhood he is known as Russel the crow. If you would like to hear him speak just google (hello crow PEI) and the video should appear in the first few choices.

Here are a few other photos from the trip. Soon to be friends getting acquaint.

A little nap.

Borden PEI and a view of the Confederation Bridge. In 1997 this bridge was the longest in the world, now ranked in the top 50.

This old house. Cape Tormentine NB

They don’t make’m like they use too. For you wildcrafters there are some Japanese Knotweed stalks beside the house.

A last view of the Confederation Bridge from the New Brunswick side.

That is caw for now.