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That fluffy light feeling

15 Nov


The first snow landed gently last evening.


Even the smaller branches will withstand snow of this nature.


This morning the feelings is still here in the freshness of the obvious change.


Another morning view and now as I write these words the snow has already left all the branches in the photos.


Moving on in more of a wintergreen direction, a look at the largest Teaberry I’ve ever seen. ciao


Everywhere I’m shovelling

30 Dec


I did a quick check on cities around the world with population similar to my home city of Moncton NB which is a bit over 100,000 and it turns out we may receive  more snowfall for cities this size and larger than any other in North America at 137 inches/ 349 cm per year. Now there are ski resort areas in the mountains of the N.A with surrounding small towns which get triple our amount, also Sapporo, Japan receives twice the amount of snow our low altitude (71 m) city receives, nevertheless we are very grateful to receive our usually ample supply which once layed down lingers and becomes a nice accumulation by mid to late February.


As these homeboys show, we are already off to a pretty good start, this is the second good snow storm we received with this one assumed to measure in between 15 to 30 cm during a 18 hr period. We are not going to venture to far from home as the streets were plowed around 4 hours ago but are again snow covered, so here are a few photos from our yard. The modern day record for a one day snow in this city was 78 cm back in 1992.


As I shovel a bit I notice a few sheperds purse stems under the snow still with green unripe seed purses, since these plant produces around 40,000 seeds per plant and the seeds are known to stay viable for 20 years I suspect they will do very well under the snow blanket.


Here is a rosette of young shepherd’s purse leaves which will actually over winter and if not under frozen snow or ice can be easily eaten, I nibbled a few of these leaves and left the rest which will grow seed producing stems as things thaw out in the spring.


Well the driveway is now shovelled out in case, oh


Well that is the way it goes around here, actually he when easy on me as he seen I was taking his picture. Believe me he could have loaded the snow 4 feet high in the first 4 to 5 feet of the driveway as he already did for my neighours across the street. Well the snow I didn’t get this time will surely wait patiently and enter the driveway on the snowplow’s next pass down the road in a few hours.  ciao for now

From the doorstep

8 Apr

I walked a few miles yesterday on a local river floodplain and really enjoyed seeing many of my favorite wild plants I like to gather in their early development and some still sleeping, I was going to show these today but I think I’ll show just one and focus more on today.

Insect home in last year’s goldenrod stem.

First open the door, (step 2) take a step on to the step, (step 3) look around, (4) take a few photos. —-The river was low, so it is good to see snow.

Have a great day

Wow what a now

27 Mar

This morning and this afternoon were like day and night. Here is a glimpse of the morning drive.

Now and change, they never appear to stop. here is some more morning now.

Here is some afternoon now below, this photo is taken almost in line with the above morning photo only a hundred feet to the left and facing  in the other direction.

The crow kept a pretty low profile through the bluster, it was a good sign to see them starting to get up and about.

Like now and change these photos were taken on the move,—Fly for now

Knock, knock — Who’s here

22 Feb

I think the mind is over its head, so to speak, if it believes it is who or what we really are.