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Spring things

20 May

There are no morels in this story though that was my main reason for driving to a small rural community known for its limestone quarries.

Lots of dandelion fields.

Watch your step, bee aware

This bumblebee looks right at home on this Siberian pea-shrub. Check this shrub out, at PFAF database, if you like interesting wild edibles.


Here near the middle of this photo you may notice an old one passing on her insights to the new up and coming blossoms, although she is far from green I suspect she must be granny smith.

This little garter snake wasn’t far away.

We do not have many cedar trees in my area, so it was enjoyable to see their attractive bark and I see the woodpeckers are also very fond of this tree as well.

Along with the pleasant sights and sounds, I gathered a nice collection of yellow goatsbeard and on the drive back I had a little laugh when I noticed these 2 different trees together in someones yard, pine-apple trees. ciao