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Still turning

15 Mar

They claim the earth spins at a speed around a 1,000 mph, yet there is a stillness permeating every particle going through the motions. Of course the orbit speed around our sun is out of this world at over 65,000 mph

This little one laner crossing over the train tracks is tricky as you can’t possibly see anyone approaching from the other side.  This area is kind of famous historically for abandonment  & exodus with the ship railway and Beaubassin practically a stones through away. Over the last 2 decades I’ve only met one person out on the marsh at the end of the pastures and he had travelled over a thousand miles in search of the lands from which his ancestors were expelled from a few hundred years ago. Though I can’t remember any of his family story he had told me which had been past down by word of mouth over the last 300 years, I do though recall being moved by how it touched him. With the world’s highest tides reaching their farthest appendages in this area, I suspect it is the norm for emotions to run rather high, deep, both.   ——– Oh well, moving along.

They built 15 windmills so far and I believe there are 15 more coming soon. it will be interesting to see how they fare in the isthmus once they are activated. I suspect a new energy in the area should stir things up, which is natural.