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Solidago and Suaeda

1 Sep

I haven’t posted any photos or talked about any seaside or salt marsh plants in my blog, but that will all changes tonight as I just transplanted a couple of plants from an isolated beach with a nice salt marsh tucked in behind it.

Seaside goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens) which I’ve never used as an edible plant, though I’ve often admired its healthy green-ness while gathering other seaside greens. It turns out the Monarch butterfly is also attracted to this plant and frequently visit its flowers for nourishment. I’ve recently  become more interested in the goldenrod family and will start making some teas in the near further from seaside goldenrod and a few other goldenrod members.

This Seablite (Suaeda americana) looks like I haven’t been very nice to it, but the truth is it was just as sprawling where I gathered it from as it is now. I may experiment with growing Seablite sprouts this winter. Seablite is another plant I haven’t paid much attention to over the years as the more popular maritime greens like goosetongues, glassworts, seabeach sandwort and sea-rocket were the ones I was gathering for use as vegetables or they were going in the salad bowl. Great fun to stop and get better aquainted with these plants I’ve been kinda just nodding to on my way by for plenty of decades now. ciao