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I sense you’re here

5 Sep


A squirrel was working up a storm, it seemed it was raining invisible conifer cones, I was stumped under this tree tonight as I could hear and vaguely see a large number of items being dropped from above but couldn’t for awhile spot the conifer cones on the ground once they landed as they seemed to disappear amongst the bunchberries. A squirrel is on my family coat of arms so I suspected the was some kind of ancestral shenanigans perhaps?


Ah, these green cones travel quick and blend in well, I never knew they harvest the resiny green ones. Click on to checkout the bed of bunchberries on the ground.


Mystery solved, now a few mushrooms, the attractive but (not recommended as edible) Scaly Vase Chanterelle (Gomphus floccosus).


A photo from a few years ago of a Scaly Vase Chanterelle


The Amethyst deceiver (Laccaria amethystina)


and a mature Hydnellum peckii.

Hydnellum peckii

Here is an older photo of a young Hydnellum peckii, funny how things change, ciao


Wild Summer Mushrooms

28 Jul


After some mid-week rain I was quite confident there would be a few wild mushrooms out today and Chanterelle topped the list of what I was hoping to find. It was interesting to see the different families of mushroom with the Russula, Amanita and Chanterelle family members out in numbers. Above we see 2 of the Chanterelle clan with the larger and best considered (inedible) Scaly-vase Chanterelle upfront and Chanterelle at the back of the photo.


I won’t show any Amanita mushroom photos though I did see 4 different members in good numbers, the above photo though is of the plentiful Russulas with many pass their prime with visible spores already released, Russula compacta and the Almond-scented Russula were everywhere and a few white russula were out to which made me suspect the (parasitic) Lobster mushroom may have already gone to work transforming some of the white russulas in to the splashy orange clad lobster mushrooms.


In the photos above are 2 of the young Lobster mushrooms I did find in this conifer area. Hope you are enjoying a wild summer. ciao