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Forest refreshment

30 Aug

I explored a few acres of forest tonight which has been drawing my attention recently as it is on my daily drive and is a bit difficult to get to but the journey is only  challenging for a minute. Once in the forest I was a bit surprised to see very little understory plants or moss or mushrooms, but then one of my favorite forest refreshments appeared in a few spots where some small chunks of cut tree limbs have been covered by moss for I suspect many decades and the cloverlike, Oxalis acetosella, Wood sorrel was growing from the richness of the decomposing  wood beneath.

Wood sorrel taste lemony, a nice nibble and thirst quencher and the heart-shaped leaflets are interesting looking, the white flowers with reddish veins appear in May so they are long gone now. I kind of forgot about this little plant as this is the first time I noticed and had a taste this year. Most folks who get a chance to try Wood sorrel are pleasantly surprised with its fresh taste which to my liking is the best of the many varieties of sorrel available in the wild or even garden sorrel really. It is recommended in many books on wild edible plants that Wood sorrel  should be eaten in moderation due to it containing Oxalic acid as does cranberries as well. Most continents of the world have a variety or 2 of Oxalis plants which have been enjoyed by the folks of those lands from day one I suspect.  Some folks even  on this very day made Wood sorrel into a pleasant ice tea. cheers for now