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At the Coral of knowing

27 Aug


Most years I see a few varieties of small white corals in the woods though tonight I visited a new road 10 miles from my home and found a few new and also somewhat rare mushrooms for my area. These corals are ones I can’t identify with out some help.


You can see in this photo a younger version of the large coral mushroom with red tips which suggest to me these could be Ramaria botrytis though I will need this verified to be certain. Another interesting mushroom is in the center of the photo Oudemansiella radicata which is also known as Xerula furfuracea, but tonight I call it delicious as I had to try the large brown cap as the stems are too tough to eat, I’ve read in Europe this mushroom is rated high and I can taste why, notice the long stem which extends into an even longer root on the smaller mushroom above the brown cap. Also in the photo we see on the ends Lobster mushrooms with a Charcoal burner left of center.


Another look at these large corals.


Now into the basket, another somewhat unusually to my area at least, a Russula with a green cap, I didn’t notice this mushroom till after I stepped on him though I may send this one away for identification as well.


Here is a large coral which weighed around a pound and now needs to be sliced.


The jury is still out on the edibility of this species it will have to await the verdict in a dried state in the pantry. I’m always amazed at how little the mind knows about self and surroundings. ciao