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Boletus chippewaensis

2 Jul

Looking like the summer of 2021 could be a very good time for Maritime mushrooms.

Here we will view a few Boletus chippewaensis which are one of our best edible mushrooms.

The stems can be quite long on these mushroom which is great as this is an excellent part of the mushroom to eat.

These mushrooms standout in the forest so you can see them from a good distance.

A mature one which you may want to approach as buttons may be in the surrounding area.

Caps can be light to reddish brown.

I most wanted to share the mushrooms, but without the forest floor and trees I couldn’t tell much so take an extra moment to check them out. These mushrooms show up best in this type of layout.

Moss, conifers, poplar, birch with plenty of breathing room between the trees, a pleasant place to be.


Boletus chippewaensis

28 Jul

A few mushrooms from the King Bolete group to show you today.

These ones were solid, luck is on your side to find them not buggy at this time of the year.

Even the buttons have quite meaty stems.

Boletus chippewaensis, beautiful summer mushroom.