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Welcome to our world

8 Nov


Here are a few not so foragery photos for you tonight. It was a cold one with a -11 Celsius wind chill and 40 km breeze, nevertheless some rosehips and mushrooms found their way into the basket. You may want to click on the photos for a closer look, this first one especially has a lot going on.


You knew I’d find a way to slide a mushroom into this post somewhere. ciao


Seeing some early summer

29 Jun


Today let us look at some plants noticed while I was foraging, starting here with Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum), I decided to lift his little hood so you could see him there.


I don’t know the wild Ribes clan very well though I suspect this must be a young Bristly Gooseberry (Ribes hirtellum).


Dwarf Red Blackberry (Rubus pubescens)


Some succulent Dandelion greens, these leaves were well over a foot long and very tender. Click on to notice the group of snails enjoying a snack on one of the leaves on the left side of the photo.


I must show this photo as it is an open Yellow goatsbeard seed-head again though here the parachutes are hauled in straight to protect themselves from the rain, it is interesting to see the natural intelligence of plants in their movements.


I did gather some Milkweed  flower buds which I will post on later, but lastly here is a rather rare pinkish Yarrow that I encounter today, mostly in my neighbourhood the local Yarrows have white flowers.

Sunny side up

12 Jun


A skate egg, I often see the dried-out black skate egg cases on the shore line, this green one with a yolk similar to a hen’s egg was an interesting surprise.


Skate egg  amongst some local previously owned  mobile homes.


A big maritime wave to you.


I think they’re done, there was a lobster cannery around Cape Jourimain many years ago and this was its boiler, I suspected this was something of a train at first glance.


A Lighthouse out on the point, lots of interesting plants around the beach and salt marsh areas which I’ll do a post or 2 on later.


A closer look at the lighthouse, it was a pleasant time in the light rain. ciao