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White Matsutake shrine

26 Oct

This is my last trip this year into my favorite white matsutake grounds. Years ago I noticed there was little man-made debris in these woods except for this rather unusual piece which has filled up with conifer cone pieces as the squirrels are eating at the top of the bowl and the little shrubby plant is a new addition to the bowl this year. The white matsutake shrine is around 500 feet from the woods path in a very dark woods where you can only notice a meandering line of light by looking back to the path you have entered from. I have never even meet another person on the woods path itself over the last 20 years though I only walk this area 5 or 6 times per year.  Usually I choose a new spot or 2 to rest and enjoy nature along with a stop at the shrine for a more traditional moment of thankfulness and contentment of being. ciao for now


Spring things

20 May

There are no morels in this story though that was my main reason for driving to a small rural community known for its limestone quarries.

Lots of dandelion fields.

Watch your step, bee aware

This bumblebee looks right at home on this Siberian pea-shrub. Check this shrub out, at PFAF database, if you like interesting wild edibles.


Here near the middle of this photo you may notice an old one passing on her insights to the new up and coming blossoms, although she is far from green I suspect she must be granny smith.

This little garter snake wasn’t far away.

We do not have many cedar trees in my area, so it was enjoyable to see their attractive bark and I see the woodpeckers are also very fond of this tree as well.

Along with the pleasant sights and sounds, I gathered a nice collection of yellow goatsbeard and on the drive back I had a little laugh when I noticed these 2 different trees together in someones yard, pine-apple trees. ciao

knot shore & sea sky

24 Apr

Some folks will know what this is, these were covered with bumblebee queens a few weeks ago. At that time there was little around to provide nourishment to start the new generation, but these pussy willows really came through in the crunch.

Let the rain shine down, things couldn’t be without it. In the distant another obvious essential  of life.

The one is self sufficient no matter what.

Click on this photo, sea sky, the clouds above the sun line resemble an ocean’s shore line, especially if you look only at the top 2/3 of the photo.

This one helped out on earth day. ciao for now

Hello Crow

16 Apr

I must admit that over the years I’ve had numerous conversations with crows in fact our neighborhood crow came to me last summer very distraught over some deeply emotion event that  needed to be shared with someone, she spoke for a few moments then flew away feeling still upset. The crow who lives near us is a little shy normally and waits at a distant when we feed the others birds and I throw a few treats over the mallards and rock doves to make sure he gets at least some of the goodies.

The crow in the photos today is the first to ever speak to me in my own language.

We travelled on Sunday to Prince Edward Island to pick up a puppy and were waiting for the folks to deliver the little fella at the Cows ice-cream factory in North River just outside Charlottetown, which is the small city capital of PEI.

As we ate a snack this crow came around and when she raised her neck and pointed her head and beak towards the ground she would very clearly and quite loudly say hello.

So he or she entertained by repeating (hello) probably 50 times during our 10 to 15 minute meeting before he or she flew off with a full belly.

Tonight I googled to see if folks from the Charlottetown area were familiar with this crow and sure enough she is a bit of a celebrity over there, with a youtube video and a newspaper article from 2009 where in one neighborhood he is known as Russel the crow. If you would like to hear him speak just google (hello crow PEI) and the video should appear in the first few choices.

Here are a few other photos from the trip. Soon to be friends getting acquaint.

A little nap.

Borden PEI and a view of the Confederation Bridge. In 1997 this bridge was the longest in the world, now ranked in the top 50.

This old house. Cape Tormentine NB

They don’t make’m like they use too. For you wildcrafters there are some Japanese Knotweed stalks beside the house.

A last view of the Confederation Bridge from the New Brunswick side.

That is caw for now.

Return to cinder

12 Apr

Address unknown, I believe there was a garage here in the early 1960s before they closed this road due to the new trans Canada highway.

These blocks have become comfy protective homes for a few plant.

Moss grows fat on and in  non-rolling stones

This is slightly off subject though this tiny intruder appeared to inch worm his way into my car while I was enjoying the mossy cinders. You may need to click the photo to see him well.

I watched this little stowaway travel round & round for 15 minutes before I stopped the car at home, he was rather dazed and tired by the time I helped him off and into his new surroundings, but like the moss, plants and cinder blocks discovered in their journeys, home is where you find yourself, it happens true to nature.

No nonsense

11 Apr

good morning

I don’t know what to call it, moss, lichen, tree branch, fungus, decay, life, etc

I’m still standing, this area has lots of trees cycling naturally in the oneness.

Here is a Phellinus, I’ll need to search around for its first name though they are very common here, I’ve seen hundreds just this evening.

This old fungus could tell some stories.

The number of holes on this tree trunk is rather unusual in these woods. You may need to click on the photo to notice these.

I suppose it is time to turn in, good night.

Floodplain food and friends

10 Apr

Here are a few photos from a walk  along a river floodplain this weekend. These are vibrant areas even in the early northern spring and I really enjoy the energy flowing in these spots, always lots of activity, and small animal dens.

Ostrich fern fertile frond

baby Ostrich fern fiddleheads

Goldenrod insect galls

In the bottom central area is an Evening primrose stem with opened seed capsules and in the background plenty of wild cucumber vines.

young Red-belt polypore

Staghorn sumac

Not 100% sure what this plant is? It is pretty though. Not far from here I seen a Mallard swimming beside a pair of Canada geese, as I moved closer to the group it became obvious three is company four was a crowd as the geese got quite cranky at me, so I moved on without taking a picture.

With my camera I won’t get many wildlife photos, plants, trees and fungus are more my speed thought occasional a creature may approach me or as in this case a groundhog allowed me to come within 60 ft before he retreated down under. ciao for now

From the doorstep

8 Apr

I walked a few miles yesterday on a local river floodplain and really enjoyed seeing many of my favorite wild plants I like to gather in their early development and some still sleeping, I was going to show these today but I think I’ll show just one and focus more on today.

Insect home in last year’s goldenrod stem.

First open the door, (step 2) take a step on to the step, (step 3) look around, (4) take a few photos. —-The river was low, so it is good to see snow.

Have a great day

Local conditions brought to you by true nature

26 Mar

A pheasant rain was observed under cloudy  marshland skies for most of the day.

Temperatures plummeted in late afternoon with confers donning their white winter coats one more time.

Some rosy red ones were all a glow as seen from the ridge.

Enough already about, plants and creatures, lets give it up for the ground without which we would probably have fins not that that’s a bad thing. Back to the land, this place has the nick name the chocolate river.

and for dessert another sweet peek at the chocalatey one. Hope you all enjoyed your local conditions, cheers for being here.

here is how I go home

4 Mar

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