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Poplar Music

6 Feb


Sharing something a tad unusual here, an experience from last weekend that I decided to video on my phone as I just walked in to hear the opening notes as some thin poplars were being de-glazed by the warming sun after an ice storm.

If you just watch this video on your computer you will see a bit of ice dropping and hear a lot of it hitting the ground below the trees which is kind of ho hum interesting but to closer see why I videoed this as it occurred it is best to put on some earphones which for some reason picks up reasonably well the background rumble the actual poplar trees were making which I’ll compared (to stir your interest) with the sound of a large pod of screaming whales.

So if you want to hear something really different, plunk on your earphones and listen to the sun prying the ice off the poplars. 🙂