Chaga in a winter hinterland

1 Jan


Way back in the last days of 2015 I decided to go and harvest my winter chaga before the snow became to deep on a cool -12 C afternoon. It has been cold enough lately so all the main medicinal properties should be locked in tight in this chaga mushroom. With only 5 inches of snow on the ground this was quite easy walking through thick mostly conifers only 100 meters off a path to this paper birch tree which I found in the summer, at that time this tree was able to produce leaves in some of the top branches so the medicinal flow through the tree trunk is still fresh.


Summer view (July 24/2015) of same chaga mushroom.


A photo capturing some of the snowiness of the day.


Something new as I made a phone video which I thought I could upload directly here at wordpress but that turned into quite an adventure ending with me joining Yahoo-Flickr to stage any clips I’d like to embed here on this blog. I learnt a few little things along the way, like how to hold the phone on my next attempt, anyway a glitch or 2 in uploading but not to bad for a first try. ciao


2 Responses to “Chaga in a winter hinterland”

  1. Eddie Two Hawks January 13, 2016 at 12:54 pm #

    Great to see snow (from a distance)
    curious “mushroom”, have never seen anything quite like this

    • 1left January 13, 2016 at 3:10 pm #

      Chaga mushrooms can grow quite large over a period of several years usually on birch trees, they seem to prefer areas which receive a few months of minus temperatures. Here we have a foot of fresh snow so far today (Jan 13), local schools, events and some work places closed, for those like me who need not travel today it is unplanned holiday.

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