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Bear in mind Bigleaf Aster

17 May


Here is the early growth of  Bigleaf or if you like Large-leaved Aster (Eurybia macrophylla)


This is one of the edible plants I’ve been hoping to find much earlier this month, but today is the day.


(click on the photo to bearly see her.)  It’s kind of funny I also planned on adding a link to view a video which features Black Bears in spring eating Bigleaf Aster and today I also sighted my first Black Bear of the year. The bear is the tiny black dot about 800 feet down the road on the right, a little out of the range of my Sony Cyber-shot. You’ll get a much closer look in the Bear video, as  you will see some Black Bear family life and around 3 minutes in the Bears will start mowing down a lot of Bigleaf Asters as this seems to be a early spring favorite of theirs.