For ages

2 Apr


It has been awhile since I’ve entered any post on foraging, so I decided to show a couple photos to explain my absence. The above photo is from my front step looking out across the street at 6.30 AM this morning. With all the beautiful snow around I’ve had a great opportunity to plan which new wild foods to try this year and I’ve become quite interested in gathering some of the edible grasses and sedges in my local area in coming months.


Here is a photo of one of the few grasses still visible from last years growth and I collected these along the edge of a highway a few days ago just to check out which member of the Phragmites family they were.  Phragmites is the largest grass in Canada’s maritime provinces and these grass stems here were sticking out a few feet above a 4 ft bank of snow. Now I have these culms stuck in the snow beside my shed to remind me of the ground cozily blanketed below my feet and the many wonders preparing to soon arise. ciao


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