Mushrooms, Today’s frosty 5

19 Oct


As usual things did not turn out as planned and the mushroom I was most interested in finding is not out yet as it will probably take a few more rains and frosty nights. Nevertheless here are a few good wild edibles which were making an appearance today. In the photo there are over a hundred Grayling mushrooms from the bottom of the photo to the basket, sometimes things are hard to see even when they are right under your feet..


Grayling, Cantharellula umbonata


Catathelasma ventricosum


Wood Blewit, Lepista nuda


Meadow waxycap, Hygrocybe pratensis



Lactarius deterrimus

Click above If you are interested in interbeing, here is a peek at some current events taking place in New Brunswick at this time. ciao


One Response to “Mushrooms, Today’s frosty 5”

  1. Isaac Yuen October 19, 2013 at 8:51 pm #

    Beautiful gills.

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