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It’s mine 1left

26 Sep


Preparing some things for the N.S Mycological Society foray which starts tomorrow night and I though I should take a break to show you a couple more fall wild mushrooms I noticed today.  Above we see a large Cortinarius caperatus (Gypsy mushroom) and what I thought at first was an earthworm until I seen its eyes. I sent the photo to Nelson Poirier in Moncton and he ID’ed the little one as a Red back salamander.


Here is another choice fall edible mushroom just starting to make an appearance for this year, (Bear’s head tooth) Hericium americanum. I won’t be posting anything for a while, have a pleasant weekend. ciao


Hemlock Reishi

26 Sep


Wow, Ganoderma tsugae is a beautiful mushroom to see while walking out in the woods during the fall season.


Many folks are familiar with the famous medicinal mushroom Ganoderma  lucidum which grows a little more south then the Maritime provinces of Canada.


One last look. ciao

Enough Hedgehogery

26 Sep


Yah, I’ve been bombarding you with these Hydnum repandum lately though this will be the last post this year on this choice edible mushroom.


A good look at the teeth on the underside of the cap.


Some more large half pounders.


These mushrooms are great fresh and also make a nice powdered mushroom once dried. ciao