Basketing Boletus

22 Sep


This young button mushroom appears to be a King Bolete, Boletus edulis.


There are lots of King Boletes under these Norway Spruce in this area though there are a few other boletes here which are close relatives and quite choice edibles.


The one in the center could be possibly Boletus reticulatus as it is known to appear around 400 miles south of here.


Here is another one with a nice cracked cap. If this is Boletus reticulatus it also goes by the common name of the Summer King Bolete which would be fitting on the last day of summer.


Another young King Bolete.


The also good to eat King’s snitch, Clitopilus prunulus, also known as the Miller and Sweetbread mushroom. Where Clitopilus prunulus appears the King Bolete will often soon arrive in the same area.


Here we see the basket looks pretty fine with these Boletus on board. If you seen a man balancing a large basket of something on the top of his head while walking along the edge of a forest in N.B. Canada yesterday morning, you now know who it was. ciao


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