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The tree that cried wolf

29 Jul


Tonight’s post is not on edible mushrooms, it is only to have a look at an evening in a dark forest of conifers with a few red maples, poplars and of course a few summer mushrooms popping up through the brown leaves, I’m not going to give the complete names of these mushrooms as a few (are not considered safe edibles) and others are tricky to identify based on field characteristics so let us just have a look at the sights in the evening woods starting with this glowing Russula next to a long ago fallen conifer. I don’t know what the wolf is up to here.


A group of colorful Russulas


Another Russula member


This is one of our earliest Boletus to appear in eastern Canada


This Boletus mushroom instantly stains dark blue when handled or sliced, the red to orange pore surface plus the blue staining is considered by many the key features in just enjoying the beauty of this mushroom, it is not worth gambling on as an edible, many with these features are poisonous.


Amanita time, many members of this family of mushrooms are very poisonous, best to leave the stately Amanita mushrooms alone.


This is a younger Amanita of the same variety as above, these are common under many types of conifers at this time in the Maritimes.


Chanterelle, was also putting on a nice show rising above the sea of brown leaves this evening. ciao