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White Matsutake shrine

26 Oct

This is my last trip this year into my favorite white matsutake grounds. Years ago I noticed there was little man-made debris in these woods except for this rather unusual piece which has filled up with conifer cone pieces as the squirrels are eating at the top of the bowl and the little shrubby plant is a new addition to the bowl this year. The white matsutake shrine is around 500 feet from the woods path in a very dark woods where you can only notice a meandering line of light by looking back to the path you have entered from. I have never even meet another person on the woods path itself over the last 20 years though I only walk this area 5 or 6 times per year.  Usually I choose a new spot or 2 to rest and enjoy nature along with a stop at the shrine for a more traditional moment of thankfulness and contentment of being. ciao for now