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Found the wild Oyster mushrooms hang out

23 Oct

The fall version of the oyster mushroom which fruit on sugar maples and beech trees are now starting to appear.

I only found this one tree producing so far but it did supply close to 3 pounds of fresh mushrooms in excellent shape.

While I prepared the oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) for the fridge, I was also cooking some White Matsutake stems peeled into ribbony strips which can be eaten pan fried with soya sauce or added to soups.

A few of the fresh Oyster mushrooms also eventually entered the pan which were quite good as well, though I find battered and deep-fried Oyster mushrooms are my prefered choice for enjoying these wild mushroom which may appear in the Maritime provinces of Canada well into Dec, in fact I found some freshly fruiting on Jan 02/12 which was quite extraordinary and a tasty surprise to start the year.