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White Matsutake appear quite magical

12 Oct

Here are the first ones I noticed on my walk after work this evening.

This is the above 2 mushrooms lifted from the soil.

A nice cluster.

Again we see them removed from the soil, you may have noticed the majority of the stem is deep in the soil.

A couple more. These 2 mushrooms will be cooked tonight and enjoyed with vinegar and soya sauce. White Matsutake are also my favorite dried mushroom to add to chaga tea for a unique spicy flavor along with almond or soya milk.

Sometimes the complete mushrooms will be a few inches under the moss, these ones fortunately had long enough stem for me to see the caps as you can see by this one standing by the tree.  Occasionally I will notice the shape of the cap under the moss and gently poke around for them.

Look the white matsutake mushroom in the basket appear to have a halo above them, yes it was a magical evening. ciao