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White Matsutake are starting to show

5 Oct

I stopped after work for a quick peek incase the white matsutake mushrooms were starting to fruit in my favorite spot.  There were a few boletes and gypsy mushrooms so I suspected this was still a bit early for white matsutake as gypsy mushrooms mostly are gone by the time white matsutake starts, but I was surprised to find a few small white matsutakes already up.

A deer must have nibbled the top of this young white matsutake but was unable to pull the deep stem out from the ground, I needed to patiently wiggle the stem free myself and the below photo is this mushroom removed from the soil.

I Should find some of the larger version of white matsutake arriving in these woods in coming weeks.

Here is a photo of the white matsutake part of my basket and the other half will be shown in a little while.