To daylily is yester daylily’s tomorrow

7 Jul

Rain or shine the longer flower buds in this picture numbering around 50 of them will look a lot like the open flowers in the basket below by tomorrow morning.

Here is a photo of today’s flowers before they were placed in the basket. I gathered these in a few minutes in between the many thunder showers today.

More flower sections for drying tonight. A few more days of 50 flowers per day in this patch and then by next week the flowering should be completed. The dried flower aroma reminds me of dried rugosa rose hips, should be fun to compare the 2 in September. ciao


2 Responses to “To daylily is yester daylily’s tomorrow”

  1. mudpieville July 8, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    What do you do with your dried daylilies?

    • 1left July 8, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

      I don’t have much experience with the dried flowers so far, I’m going to leave most of them awhile to see if the flavor intensifies or changes with time. I’ll make a few different hot and sour soups, stews and teas and may powder some to use as a spice. I’ll do a little research on the uses and recipes from some of the Asian countries where daylily are commerically harvested like Taiwan and a few others places, may look to Europe for some info as well. So I’m still going to school on the daylily and expect the soils where the daylilies grow in asia, europe and north america to have possibly different tasting dried flowers per regions, so I may end up creating a few new uses for my local flavored ones in the upcoming months. ciao for now

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