wild wild horseradish

5 Apr

Wild horseradish couldn’t drag me away, because no matter what you may be thinking you can only be in the here and now, so don’t worry about staying in the now, truth is you can never physically or spiritually escape it. The physical and spiritual are just concepts appearing in the one or none if you like.

Where was I besides always here and now, oh yes. I stopped in on the ridge tonight to gather a few wild horseradish roots to transplant into my indicator garden, the ridge has several hundred wild horseradish plants there which may have been introduced to that area in the 1600s as a medicinal plant for the early settlers arriving from France and slightly later England in this area known as Beaubassin. I’m not going to mention recipes or anything, just wanted to share with you these photos of this beautifully gnarly wild plant.

Corralled into the new pasture this horseradish looks a bit like colossus dinosaur. Have a great long weekend


2 Responses to “wild wild horseradish”

  1. Daughter of the Moon April 5, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    that’s funny, I see the dinosaur! Great posting, & great find! I love the flavor of horseradish, striking but clean tasting to me, perfect food for when I have a cold to clear out the sinuses (horseradish & herring on crackers is my favorite stuffy nose snack actually… the omega 3s from the fish help too during cold season, inspiring happiness & energy)

    • 1left April 5, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

      Thanks for the tip Daughter of the Moon, Horseradish & herring sounds tasty & invigorating, it is bound to maximize your seahorsepower. cheers for now.

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